Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Daily Kos: Is Bush Wired again?

Daily Kos: A speech and vocal expert (who does not believe in using the caps key) offers an intriguing look at the Bush and Condi show yesterday: "i'm watching the replay of the bush/condi press conference today on the u.n resolution and am absolutely convinced bush is up to his old tricks - the 'hidden' coach behind the scenes!

watching his 'presentation', i was struck by the inappropriate pauses in his sentence structure, the breaks and pauses that preceded each sentence fragment, the disassociated 'look' in his eyes (as though he were listening intently) - the 'forgetting' of a word that was critical to the statement - and lastly, the amazing audio presentation of his 'statements' resembling a first grader struggling to read words he doesn't comprehend.

the contrast to rice, who spoke in normal sentence structure, complete phrases, comprehensible (for her) statements relevent to the topic is stunning."


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