Thursday, August 31, 2006

Evanier: Sen. Byrd too?

Mark Evanier reports: "It's starting to look like one other Senator, in addition to Ted Stevens, placed a 'secret hold' on that bill to make government spending more accountable. It's not confirmed yet but Robert Byrd may have also done the deed. For what it's worth, my opinion of Byrd is not as low as my opinion of Stevens...but it's close."

As a West Virginia native, I have to say Byrd has done a helluva lot for the state. But he has brought so much pork to the state, I'm sure that is why he's hesitant about this program. Stevens does the same thing in Alaska (as with bridges to nowhere). So if this is true, one can see why these guys would want to cover their tracks a bit. Still, Byrd is a great Democrat and we need those in the Senate, even though he is ancient.


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