Saturday, August 19, 2006

John Burdett in NYT: The lure of Thailand for those running away

The Quiet Farang - interesting op-ed piece by novelist John Burdett (who has written two terrific thrillers based in Bangkok) in the New York Times: "As of now, it seems possible that Mr. Karr did not commit the murder, but is an attention-seeking farang kee-nok — “Western drifter.” Like other members of that group, he tried to make ends meet by taking on teaching jobs, made regular visa runs to Malaysia, lived in a budget hotel, drifted around Southeast Asia with no apparent direction.

Yet it is exactly his familiarity as a type that has concentrated the attention of those Thais most familiar with it. Nit Dandin, a veteran teacher of the Thai language to Westerners, put it to me this way: “Why do farang come to Thailand after they kill or rape somebody in their own country?”"


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