Thursday, August 24, 2006

NYT: Allen Finally Apologizes to Student for Remark

Senator Apologizes to Student for Remark - New York Times: "Senator George Allen of Virginia personally apologized to a volunteer for his opponent’s campaign on Wednesday for a perceived racial insult, addressing a misstep that has complicated his re-election campaign and raised doubts about his potential as a Republican presidential contender in 2008.

A few hours before he appeared with President Bush at a fund-raising event, Mr. Allen telephoned the volunteer, S. R. Sidarth, to say he was sorry for mockingly referring to him as “macaca” at an Aug. 11 campaign event. Mr. Sidarth, a 20-year-old college student, caught the moment on video as part of his job of recording Mr. Allen’s public appearances, and it quickly became a sensation on television and the Internet.

“He apologized for his comments,” said Mr. Sidarth, who is an American of Indian descent, in a telephone interview from the University of Virginia, where he has resumed his classes. “He took the blame for saying them, and he said he didn’t realize how offended I was until he heard my comments from the media.”"


At 7:08 PM, Anonymous Joe Craine said...

Since name-calling and other ad-hominem remarks are such an integral part of the republican method of discourse (ala Rush and Ann - the two major sources of republican facts), I am surprised the senator apologized.

Since facts;
(OK, there are some opinions)
(Shows the contrails from the "757" that hit the pentagon)
support little of what the current administration is all about, name-calling seems to be all that is left.

Let's get the facts of 911 properly disseminated and have a change of government. Stop the killing.


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