Friday, September 15, 2006

Air America not bankrupt (yet)

I heard a bit of Al Franken today on the radio, announcing that, ha ha, Air America was not going bankrupt, at least today. He played clips of Bill O'Reilly and Mike Gallagher talking about why this liberal radio experiment had failed. Only it hadn't. Yet.

In Atlanta, the local AA affiliate got bought out, and now it essentially is some quirky guy's iPod of the air. I enjoy listening occasionally, but a little goes a long way. They do still carry Franken at noon.

Anyway, AA has announced a new program lineup. They've dropped Springer (he'll be syndicated only) and moved some things around, and added a new show. Here's the announcement via email:

Beginning September 18, 2006, radio powerhouse “The Young Turks” will bring a new sound and energy to the progressive airwaves as Air America Radio Network’s new morning drive-time program.

Hosts Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz and Jill Pike will move their popular politically based talk show to broadcast on the nationally syndicated Air America Radio Network and XM Satellite Radio. Recognized as Sirius Satellite Radio’s first original programming and the first live video web TV show.

5am-6am The Mark Riley Show
6am-9am The Young Turks
9am-12noon The Sam Seder Show
12noon-3pm The Al Franken Show
3pm-6pm The Randi Rhodes Show
6pm-8pm The Rachel Maddow Show
8pm-9pm “Politically Direct” w/ David Bender
9pm-10pm “Ecotalk” w/ Betsy Rosenberg


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