Monday, September 25, 2006

Frank James at ChiTrib: Nobody does it better than Bill

Frank James's blog at the Chicago Tribune website: "If I were Karl Rove or the Republican National Committee, I would pray former President Bill Clinton stays off television.

You just don’t want too many voters thinking that by voting for Democrats this November, they just might be voting for him.

If you haven’t seen Clinton’s performance during the interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, you really owe it to yourself. It was pure Clinton. Agree with him or not, he’s just incredibly entertaining, downright riveting to watch.

One of Clinton’s strengths is that he does passion really well (please, no Monica jokes.) He understands that as a politician you can have the facts on your side in a political argument all you want.

But if you can’t fire the emotions of voters, if you can’t get them to connect with you, you’re done for."


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