Friday, September 29, 2006

HuffPo: Wash Times editor is racist, wife says

George Archibald: Top Washington Times Editor's Wife Confirms Racism Allegations | The Huffington Post: "The second most powerful editor at The Washington Times is a white supremacist racist who says blacks are 'born genetically 15 to 20 IQ points lower than a white person' and that abortion is necessary 'to keep the black and minority population down in this country.' His wife, Marian, confirmed this, on the record, in an interview with reporter Max
Blumenthal for the Oct. 9 issue of The Nation magazine.

Francis B. Coombs Jr., the managing editor of The Washington Times, a major media ally of the Bush administration, is described by multiple newsroom sources in Blumenthal's piece as an unreconstructed 'racial nationalist' and a hater of blacks and Jews."


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