Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sklar: Remnick's brilliant piece on Clinton

Eat The Press - Remnick On Clinton On Everything, Picked Up By Nothing - The Huffington Post: "What do you get when you send esteemed and erudite New Yorker editor David Remnick around the world with the wildly popular former president of the United States, Bill Clinton, to talk about his life, work, legacy, and not-at-all-controversial-or-in-the-news-lately wife Hillary ? Quite a lot, actually: A massive 23-page story (with photos, poems and cartoons, but still) with anecdotes, frank exchanges, keen insights and some really, really good soundbytes. What you don't get is a link: The piece is not available online. Which means that what you also don't get is any online presence. At all."

I read this fascinating piece on the former President, and it made me miss him. Too bad the New Yorker hasn't put it online, but you can maybe grab it at a newsstand still. Sklar goes on to list some of the gems in the piece, which have gone totally ignored apparently in the media. Check it out.


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