Monday, October 16, 2006

C&L: David Kuo on 60 Minutes: “The name of God is being destroyed in the name of politics”

Crooks and Liars - David Kuo on 60 Minutes: “The name of God is being destroyed in the name of politics”: "David Kuo is an evangelical Christian and card-carrying member of the religious right, who got a job in the White House in the president’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. He thought it was a dream-come-true: a chance to work for a president whose vision about compassionate conservatism would be matched with sweeping legislation to help the poor.

But Kuo says the so-called compassion agenda has fallen short of its promise and he blames President Bush for that in his new book. As correspondent Lesley Stahl reports, he also says the White House was a place that cynically used religion for political ends and that White House aides ridiculed the very Christian leaders who helped bring Mr. Bush to office.

In his book, Kuo wrote that White House staffers would roll their eyes at evangelicals, calling them 'nuts' and 'goofy.'

Asked if that was really the attitude, Kuo tells Stahl, 'Oh, absolutely. You name the important Christian leader and I have heard them mocked by serious people in serious places.'

Specifically, Kuo says people in the White House political affairs office referred to Pat Robertson as 'insane,' Jerry Falwell as 'ridiculous,' and that James Dobson 'had to be controlled.' And President Bush, he writes, talked about his compassion agenda, but never really fought for it."

C&L has the video.


At 10:09 AM, Blogger Mr Bob said...

Gee is this book number 6 or 7 in the last few months designed to help Democrats win and Republicans lose. The Democrats know that if they can keep evangelicals home, they will regain the power they so crave (or rather believe they have a right to).
I cannot judge the motives of this particular guy, he obviously feels his purpose was not importatant enough to the administration but the fact he thinks Evangelicals should "take a break or fast" from politics is pretty transparent.
I guarantee it will have the opposite effect.


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