Sunday, November 05, 2006

AMERICAblog: GOP up to dirty tricks again

AMERICAblog reports on how the GOP is breaking the law to win in the Northeast: "The Republicans are up to their dirty tricks, and honestly, someone should throw these people in jail - on either side of the aisle, if you do things like this.

Talking Points Memo has been gathering evidence that Republicans are using robo-phone-calls to annoy voters, especially Democratic voters, in Connecticut and New York - i.e., the calls make voters think it's the Democratic candidate harrassing them, so they won't vote for him or her.

The messages start like they are going are from the Democratic candidate 'I have a message from....' but then turn in to a negative call. However, callers are only hearing the first part of the message, thinking that it is the Democrat. If callers hang up, they're called back again, and again, and again. End result? The Democratic callers are so ticked off at the Democrat harassing them that they don't vote, or vote for the Republican - without realizing they've just been tricked.

The National Republican Campaign Committee admitted they're making the calls in an Associated Press article reported on TPM Muckraker last Wednesday."


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