Thursday, November 30, 2006

BBC: Bush vows to 'complete Iraq job'

BBC: Bush says Maliki is "right guy for Iraq": "US President George W Bush has pledged to keep American troops in Iraq until 'the job is complete'.

Speaking after a summit in Jordan with Iraqi PM Nouri Maliki, he said troops would remain as long as Mr Maliki's government wanted them there.

But he said it was important to speed up training for the Iraqi security forces. Mr Bush praised Mr Maliki as the 'right guy for Iraq'.

The summit had been delayed by a day amid denials of a snub to Mr Bush.

It was held as reports suggested a report by America's cross-party Iraq Study Group would recommend changes to US policy.

It appears to recommend a pullback of US troops to their bases but no firm timetable for a pullout from Iraq."


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