Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dan Rather to 'play it straight' on Comedy Central tonight

Philadelphia Inquirer: "Dan Rather will analyze election results with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert tonight at 11 on Comedy Central's live, hour-long Indecision 2006 special.

'It's a risk, I guess, but what the hell,' says Rather, who covered every national election since 1962 for CBS before being drop-kicked in June. Now he's global correspondent for Mark Cuban's HDNet.

'J. Stewart and company offered the chance, and I've taken it,' Rather, 75, says. 'I don't do comedy, I do politics, which sometimes is one and the same.

'Certainly, one can't cover politics and not have a sense of humor about it. Let's face it, politics is often a theater of the absurd.'"


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