Sunday, November 05, 2006

Freakonomics Blog: Who is the most trusted man in America?

Freakonomics Blog: Steven Levitt was struck by the question--and the answer recently--and asked his blog readers.... DUH!: "I think I will have disappointed many blog readers. The question about who was the most trusted man in America was not meant to be a trick one. I was just struck at the charity event, in the 10 seconds between when they said they had a clip from the most trusted man in America and when the clip started, by what an intersting question that was. I didn’t mean to imply that the answer they gave was suprising or counterintuitive.

In fact, the answer turns out to be far less interesting than even I had thought, because apparently the man in question, Walter Cronkite, is literally known as the “most trusted man in America” according to Wikipedia! Like most readers of this blog, I’m too young to know that."

Not only is he too young, he's not a very good speller either.


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