Saturday, December 16, 2006

AMERICAblog: Creepy news about our lack of privacy

AMERICAblog: John pulls together a couple of interesting article and comes to some very startling conclusions: "...your privacy is gone. They can turn your cell phone into a bug, and they don't even have to touch it to set it up. They can beam the bug instructions into your phone so that even when your phone looks off, it's picking up everything going on around you.

Second, Macromedia Flash Player software on your computer, and most of us have it, can permit other Web sites to watch you and listen to you via your cam and microphone. And sure, you have to click the screen in order to let the site eavesdrop on you, but what if someone gets a hold of your computer while your out (a colleague, the cleaning lady, your kids, a battering spouse, the government) and clicks it for you? Or, what if someone sends malicious software to your computer that auto-clicks it for you - we know there's software that can do that."

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