Friday, December 08, 2006

BBC: ISG report isn't "fruit salad"

BBC NEWS | Americas | Bush 'must adopt all Iraq plan': "The main authors of the report that aims to change US strategy in Iraq have urged President George Bush to follow all of their recommendations.

Former Secretary of State James Baker said the 79 points they put forward were not a 'fruit salad' to be picked over, but a comprehensive strategy.

Mr Bush has said that he would 'seriously consider' the report.

However, he appears already to have ruled out some proposals, like talking unconditionally to Syria and Iran.

He also appeared to rule out the the phasing out of the US combat role in Iraq.

The Iraq Study Group's assessment of US policy in Iraq was scathing, saying the situation there is 'deteriorating' and warning that 'time is running out'.

After meeting British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Thursday, Mr Bush admitted the approach to Iraq and the Middle East needed to change."


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