Monday, December 04, 2006

DKos: Bush DID KNOW that Webb's son was almost killed!

Daily Kos (hcc in VA): Bush DID KNOW that Webb's son was almost killed!: "Tonight ...I had the opportunity to chat with Congressman Jim Moran (D-Va 8th district) in private before he publicly addressed the group. I recounted how proud I was of Webb's actions in front of Bush, and recounted the speculation on whether Bush could possibly have known about the incident with Webb's son. He said, without hesitation:

'Not only did Bush know about it, he was specifically briefed on the incident before meeting with Webb, and was cautioned to be extra sensitive in speaking with Webb about his son.'

Just to make sure, I said: 'Wow, I guess not too many people know about this,' and he said: 'That's right they don't, but I know it's true, and there are lots of things people don't know about that would surprise them'

So there we are folks. The right wing columnists of the ilk of George Will call Webb a 'boor,' uncivil, etc., while in reality, it is there hero, George W. Bush, who is now revealed to be the boorest of the boors, the lowest of the lows, the crudest of the crude. I hope he gets his due punishment in hell, or the International Court of Justice in The Hague, whichever comes first."


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