Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Kuo: Dr. Dobson, Tear Down that Dishonest Article on Your Website

The Blog - The Huffington Post: "There is a new article on the Focus on the Family website called, 'Tempting Bitterness' by Gary Schneeburger, editor of something called Citizenlink. In a way it is nothing new - just an attack on me and a distortion of my book, Tempting Faith. It is significant, however, because of the source.

Focus on the Family, founded and chaired by Dr. Dobson is arguably the largest and most significant Christian political/cultural organization (even if it denies being political). More importantly, it speaks to millions of Christians who trust it to be true. Dr. Dobson rightly focuses a lot on integrity. This article is anything but. For purposes of this blog I am going to deal only with the substance and leave out the snide asides in the article."


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