Monday, December 04, 2006

Religious right refines its tune

Religious right refines its tune - William McKenzie, Dallas Morning News op-ed at "The Rev. Ted Haggard has fallen. Ralph Reed has lost his mojo. The exit light's on for Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. So who are the religious right's next leaders?

That's why I came to this rural town that is now becoming a Fort Worth bedroom community. Here is where I found David Barton, whom Texas Monthly recently christened 'King of the Christocrats.'

I sought him out because he's on the next wave. And it's important to know what people in his position think, if only so you can argue back.

A thin, energetic 52-year-old Texan who prefers checkered shirts and blue jeans, Barton spent the midterm elections consulting with Republican candidates and promoting his gospel that America's founders didn't intend for religion to hide behind a wall that separates church and state.



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