Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sen. Johnson "will be OK" son says

Johnson's son says senator will be OK | "Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota, whose emergency brain surgery put the Democrats' hold on the incoming Senate in question, is expected to recover and return to work, his son said.

'That's the easiest question for me to answer,' Brendan Johnson told the Sioux Falls (S.D.) Argus-Leader. 'From my conversations with the doctors and based on the progress he has been making, I feel very confident that he is going to be getting back to work sooner rather than later.'

The interview with Brendan Johnson, a Sioux Falls lawyer, was the first time a family member had spoken with reporters since the senator was stricken with stroke-like symptoms Dec. 13.

Tim Johnson remained under sedation, in critical but stable condition, at George Washington University Hospital at the Capitol on Tuesday. 'The goal is for him to heal,' spokeswoman Julianne Fisher said. 'We're being patient and praying.'"


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