Monday, January 15, 2007

AJC: King's words still apply |

AJC editorial: King's words still apply | "In time to mark the national observance of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, a new exhibit of his papers is opening at the Atlanta History Center. Separately, work is under way for a monument honoring him in Washington. While both will help enhance our understanding of the slain civil rights leader, the true significance of the man cannot be fully captured on paper or in stone.

King has left a living legacy that still has much relevance in contemporary America. While we've made progress toward the goals he championed, some of the ills he worked to cure during his lifetime have, in fact, metastasized.

At the risk of taking King's words out of context, it's instructive to see how elements of the philosophy he articulated a generation ago might apply to the problems and personalities shaping our world today."


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