Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Carter, Clinton woo Baptists to new convention |

Carter, Clinton woo Baptists to new convention | "Former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton announced in Atlanta on Tuesday the creation of a Baptist organization they said would counter what they say is a negative image of their faith.

The New Baptist Convention was announced at the Carter Center by representatives of about 40 moderate Baptist groups that have distanced themselves from the conservative Southern Baptist Convention. Carter and Clinton - both Baptists - said the New Baptist Convention will look for solutions to problems such as poverty and racism. Carter and Clinton said they want to counter concerns that Baptists have been 'negative' and 'exclusionary' and promised an inclusive organization willing to debate openly all issues.

But an official with the Southern Baptist Convention- the largest Protestant denomination in the country - countered that the two presidents have fallen out of step with their church and are angry most conservative Baptists do not support their politics.

Tuesday's announcement stems from a long-running battle between conservative and moderate Baptists."


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