Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Stan Lee has yet another new idea

Hollywood Reporter says "my pal" Stan Lee is joining forces with famed producer Robert Evans to bring another of his creations to the screen: "Foreverman." Here's the story from Zap2It. And highlights:

Producers are keeping the details about the hero under wraps, only confirming that he'll have the typical problems of saving the world while juggling his private life.

When the project was initially kicked around in 2003, Lee said, "It has to do with crime and punishment in the not-too-distant future and a unique way of punishing people who are menaces to society. It's a concept that hasn't been seen before, with tremendously interesting villains with unique powers."

Lee reportedly came up with the story in two days, which "Hellboy" scribe Peter Briggs will write for the screen.

And don't forget this post from January! :)


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